Attractions of Equatorial Guinea for New Zealanders

Today the entire world is indulged in activities that are quite embarrassing. Everyone is trying to get rid of other and is trying to capture his resources. In other words the world is in a state of economic war. People around the world are depressed due to this condition. Along with this another reason for this depression is the destroying economies of the countries which lead to inflation. In such circumstances people want to get away from the current situation and they want to get themselves relaxed by involving them in some kind of entertainment activities. Along with these entertainment activities they often plan to visit their relatives in some other cities. They often decide to go abroad and visit some country and explore that. New Zealanders are one of such nations that often decide to visit some other countries. They spend a lot on tourism. Tourism, at the same time, has become an industry for the countries that contain worth looking places and it is a source of very high foreign exchange for such countries.

Equatorial Guinea

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is located in central Africa. This is one of the most prosperous countries of the region. It has good industry and many worth looking places. That is why people from all over the world come to visit this country. Especially New Zealanders are very interested in visiting Equatorial Guinea when it comes to tourism. The country actually comprises of two major parts. One part contains the offshore small islands which surely are a real attraction for the tourists from New Zealand. The other part is the insular region where capital of the country that is Malabo is situated. The Equatorial Guinea looks like if it was some former Spanish Colony. People may feel difficulties in getting their visa and once you get that you are just to walk into the door of this old Spanish Colony. A lot of American oil money is collected by the government of the country. Most of the leaders fear foreign private armies scheming revolution.

Some Adventurous Places

Equatorial Guinea provides the full and real kind of adventure to the people who live really at the edge. Far from the astonishing build of the capital Malabo that is oil soaked, there are some rainforests that are full of primates which are not often found everywhere. The Bioko Island contains the seashores that have nested sea turtles. The Monte Alen National Park which is filled with the wild life rain forest is also one of the hidden treasures that the country contains. Bata that is the mainland contains a colonial town that actually undergoes a face-lift that is basically oil-fueled. One can have some great adventure by enjoying at the real deserted beaches of white-sand. There are also some communities that are rich in culture. These are some of the things that often attract New Zealanders to visit the Equatorial Guinea. You should have to keep all your patience with you as on the course you may be stopped by some military officials and the government authorities for some investigations. You should be prepared for such a situation.